TAP Air Portugal Boosts its US, Brazil and Cape Verde Networks

TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330
TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330 Photo: TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal has announced it will resume passenger services to to Chicago, San Francisco, Brasilia, Natal, Porto Alegre, Boavista and its new destination Maceio in October, taking its network to 74 82 cities. The airline is slated to expand its operations with 666 weekly scheduled flights on 82 routes in October.

Brasilia, Natal, Porto Alegre and the airline’s new destination in Brazil, Maceio, will be available for trips starting in October. TAP will connect Chicago and San Francisco to its Lisbon base again. Cape Verde’s Boavista, will also return to the TAP network in October.

The airline’s expansion will provide convenient connectivity between the Americas and Europe. In Europe, TAP will fly to 86% of European cities within its network.

TAP Air Portugal A330neo
TAP Air Portugal A330neo Photo: TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal to Resume 76 Routes in September

The Portuguese carrier is currently operating approximately 500 weekly scheduled flights on a total of 65 routes. In September, the airline plans to operate approximately to 700 flights per week on a total of 76 routes.

TAP is now operating 18 weekly flights to Brazil, 20 flights to six destinations in North America, 44 flights to 9 destinations in Africa, 329 flights to 30 cities in Europe and 126 flights to six domestic airports. In September, however, TAP will boost its operations substantially, recovering about 40% of the airline’s pre-covid network.

In September, Portugal’s national airline will operate 22 weekly flights to Brazil, 30 flights on eight routes to North America, 59 flights to 13 cities in Africa and the Middle East, 498 flights to 35 European cities and 159 flights to six cities in Portugal.

However, the airline warns that the list of routes and flights may be adjusted whenever circumstances require, in view of the dynamics of the evolution of taxes and restrictions in the various countries, due to the evolution of the pandemic, as well as the evolution of demand.

For long-haul flights to Brazil, United States, Canada and Africa, including those that will resume in October, TAP Air Portugal will offer a 15%-discount. The discount campaign named “Give your home a break” willl continue until August 18, inviting people to “take a break from their homes” and travel by plane. The campaign tickets will be valid for flights until March 31, 2021, depending on the destination. The discount code MULTI15 can only be redeemed for the tickets purchased online on the TAP website.

TAP Air Portugal is the launch customer of the Airbus A330-900neo. The airline operates 19 Airbus A330neo aircraft on long haul routes. In December 2018, TAP Air Portugal’s Airbus A330-900neo named D. Joao II, Principe Perfeito performed flight TP088, the first commercial flight of this aircraft.

The first Airbus A330neo took off the Humberto Delgado airport in Lisbon at 10:57 am and landed at Guarulhos Airport, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at 18:27 (local time in Sao Paulo) after a flight of 11 hours and 25 minutes.


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