Leasing Giant AerCap Cancels 15 Boeing 737 MAX Orders

FAA proposed requiring four key design changes before the aircraft returns to the service. Photo: Boeing

Aircraft leasing giant AerCap said it had cancelled 15 orders for the grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

“As of June 30, 2020, we had five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft delivered and on lease. It is uncertain when and under what conditions our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will return to service and when Boeing will resume making deliveries of our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order.

As a result, we expect to incur future delays on our scheduled Boeing 737 MAX deliveries, and any such future delays are likely to have an impact on our financial results. Certain of our Boeing 737 MAX leases have now been cancelled by our lessees, and additional leases may be cancelled in the future. In cases where lessees have the right to cancel Boeing 737 MAX leases, we have the right to cancel our corresponding orders for delivery of those aircraft. Nevertheless, these lease cancellations may have an adverse effect on our future cash flows and results of operations, which could be material.

Following the fatal accidents of two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the worldwide fleet of these aircraft was grounded by aviation authorities in March 2019 and production was temporarily suspended by Boeing in January 2020, resulting in ongoing delays in the delivery of our aircraft on order from Boeing.

In July 2020, we reached agreement with Boeing to restructure our order book for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including the cancellation of 15 of our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. Following this cancellation, we have 80 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order.”


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