British Airways Sends Redundancy Notices to Thousands of Staff

British Airways Airbus A380 over the White Cliffs of Dover Photo: British Airways

British Airways has begun to inform thousands of its employees if they will lose their jobs as part of its strategy to ax 12,000 jobs due to novel coronavirus pandemic.BA said on Friday that more than 6,000 employees agreed to take as the airline began to inform thousands cabin crew and ground staff whether they will be made redundant or face pay cuts.

“Our half year results, published last week, clearly show the enormous financial impact of Covid-19 on our business. We are having to make difficult decisions and take every possible action now to protect as many jobs as possible. And, while we never could have anticipated being in a position of making redundancies, more than 6,000 of our colleagues have now indicated that they wish to take voluntary redundancy from BA,” said the airline.

british airways airbus a380
Airbus A380 Photo: British Airways

British Airways to Slash 12,000 Jobs

British Airways previously announced that it will cut up to 12,000 jobs from its 42,000 strong workforce due to a collapse in aviation industry due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In light of the impact of COVID-19 on current operations and the expectation that the recovery of passenger demand to 2019 levels will take several years, British Airways is formally notifying its trade unions about a proposed restructuring and redundancy programme,” said the International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of BA.

“The proposals remain subject to consultation but it is likely that they will affect most of British Airways’ employees and may result in the redundancy of up to 12,000 of them. As previously announced, British Airways has availed itself of the UK’s COVID-19 Job Retention Scheme and furloughed 22,626 employees in April”.

Approximately 4,500 of BA staff who have accepted voluntary redundancy are cabin crew working at Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. Employees who will not be made redundant are also being informed whether they will go on working on the same contract terms or will have to renew their contract with lower salaries.

Staff who will be made redundant will have the option to join the airline’s priority return talent pool and will be fast-tracked into any new roles that become available.


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